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Create or Setup Sub-Domain On A Blogger Custom Domain Blog

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Recently i had just joined one of the leading online marketing company for the purpose of Summer Internship Project training(SIP). As company doesn't having there own blog for their company i started blog for them that is pin on sub-domain. After a day i had find that this sub-domain is working perfectly i had decided to share it with your all. you just need to insert two CNames in your control panel of domain and also need to modify address of your blog in your blogger dashboard.

How To Create Sub-domain on a Blogger?

before proceeding we have to understand basic difference between main domain and subdomain. we all are aware about main domain that is denoted as, etc, while subdomain is a part of main domain only it is look like, and so on.

Following is a simple steps which you required to follow in sequence for setting up custom domain.
  • Step 1: login into your blogger account with email id that is associated with your blog.
  • Step 2: Go to Setting > Basic button , Find Blog Address field Click On Add Custom Domain > Switch to advanced settings > Settings Instructions Link.
  • Step 3: You will find two radio button in which you need to select second one  {On a subdomain ( }.  After that copy paste two Cname record in notepad. it is somewhat look like below image. ( Besure that first cname record has blog name that means we are creating subdomain   for you can use your own name here.)
  • Step 4: Open your domain control panel, here you need to identify DNS manager by your self. Once you find it just add above two Cname in it. and save it.
  • Step 5: Now again go to blogger dashboard > Setting > Basic button , Find Blog Address field Click On Add Custom Domain > Switch to advanced settings.  add your sub domain (  ) and click on save button.
That set, many a time updation in Cname required 2-4 hours, so be patient and try again step5.

If you are facing still any king of difficulties than feel free to ask, Just comment it below i will try to respond your query as soon as possible.

Note: If this Tutorial and News worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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