Wednesday, March 13, 2013

SEO For Wordpress with PushbuttonSeo

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Imagine never needing to have multiple tabs open, going from WordPress, to Google Keyword Tool, to Google Analytics, to YouTube, and back – just to write a single post!

Imagine not needing to buy multiple pieces of software when PushButton SEO does it all…

Now, all the information and assistance you need is just one click away, and available right in your WordPress editing screen! It’s so simple, you don’t even need to know SEO at all to boost your rankings with PushButton SEO.


Optimization is something that everyone struggles with, even the experts. Because it can be hard to tell what to do on one page vs. another, and it can be hard to tell when you’ve done ENOUGH.
And now that Google has said they plan to punish OVER-Optimization, you need reliable and proven SEO advice more than ever.

Incoming Keywords

Discover the “secret” keywords that searchers use to find you. These are words you accidentally rank for that are hidden from competitors and YOU ALONE can capitalize on.

Easily Optimize Everything

Get simple pass/fail scores for 7 key SEO ranking factors, customized to your keywords and individualized for each and every post and page on your site. Check the score, make the recommended fix, and watch your rankings climb page by page, and your traffic increase visitor by visitor.

Create and Curate Quality Content

Making beautiful and engaging content is simple when you can just click once to insert royalty free photos and videos, and click twice to link out to authority sites, niche blogs and news sites – all customized to match your specified keywords, of course.

SEO Targets

In PushButton SEO, you can designate any page or post on your site as an “SEO Target”, and these are the pages that the plugin will help you drive traffic to.

Beginners will LOVE this plugin because there’s no need for a 10 hour video course or 100 page manual to start using it immediately. In minutes, you could be implementing SEO tweaks to your site that an SEO guru would have charged $1000s to point out (and $10,000 to fix!).

Intermediate marketers will LOVE the time saved doing necessary, but tedious tasks. You’ll get addicted to the efficiency of having keywords, linking, and content curation all from a single dashboard.

If you run multiple sites, or plan to build multiple niche websites soon, PushButton SEO is a MUST HAVE plugin for managing your growing internet empire!

  • I get INSTANT ACCESS to the plugin, which I can download, install, and activate in minutes!
  • I get VIDEO TRAINING on how to use each and every feature of the plugin so I can use it to my maximum benefit!
  • I get FULL SUPPORT so that if I get stuck or have any trouble with the plugin, all I have to do is reach out and get help!
  • I will have 60 DAYS to try the plugin and make sure it does EVERYTHING I’ve seen here and my satisfaction is guaranteed or my money back!
“Hi Brian,
Well what can I say? This is best piece of software I have purchased period. Not only is the software simple in its execution, but the training is second to none.
I have bought software in the past with so called full training included only to go almost comatose listening to them, and at the end think WTF. However your short to the point and easy to follow training is a complete breath of fresh air.”
Ian Jackson, Nottingham, England

100% Risk Free 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you have any trouble with PushButton SEO, our support team is here to help. But if you benefit from all the time, effort, and frustration the plugin saves you and STILL aren’t satisfied, just let us know in the first 60 days after purchase and we’ll refund you in full.

So why wait? Get this now and start using it right away! 

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