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Make Money From Mobile Marketing with Make Mobile Money

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If You Have A Computer And Can Follow Step-By-Step Instructions… YOU Can Make Money With Mobile Marketing.

Most people who attempt to enter the mobile marketing game do so because they may have heard about the big dollars that are being made but they don’t have the proper “know how” to do so properly.

Just as with any marketing avenue there is a learning curve. Although this type of marketing is one of the most powerful and productive advertising methods you can use today, it’s also one of the easiest ways to loose a BOAT LOAD of money… if you don’t know what you’re doing!
  • You’ll learn the secrets to understanding the people that make up this marketplace and more importantly, how they think! Knowing this will make converting the high amounts of traffic into cash as simple as possible!
  • You’ll learn how to leverage and exploit all the benefits of mobile marketing. You’d be surprised to know how many people use mobile marketing and don’t even really leverage it for all it’s worth. You won’t have this problem, you’ll learn exactly how to squeeze every bit of profit out of this traffic source.
  • Mobile phones, phone plans, and technology is constantly changing and so was the marketplace. In this section you’ll learn how to always stay ahead of the curve and identify trends past and future so that you can set up profitable campaigns before the competition even has a clue.
  • I’ll also show you a detailed profit analysis which reveals just how profitable this form of marketing can be. You get an inside look at the potential profits that are out there just waiting for a savvy marketer like yourself to take.
Right so the first thing you need to understand is that there’s a world of difference between your average website browser like the one you’re using now and a mobile phone browser your potential customers will be using.

In module 2, you’ll learn the ins and outs of making a mobile ready website that works on just about any cell phone/Smart phone browser on the planet.
You’ll also learn…
  • My step by step “secret” formula for creating a 100% compatible mobile site from scratch.
  • How to miniaturize any standard website to convert into a mobile friendly website is ready to view and convert your traffic.
  • How to use automated mobile site building tools that will cut your production time down drastically and allow you to crank out more profitable campaigns quicker!
  • How to leverage the power of WordPress and use it with a mobile website for quick and easy site creation.
  • How to run your site through a series of checks to ensure that it is 100% mobile compatible and ready to profit.
… and more than I have room to print here!

Not just any traffic… but mobile traffic!

Being a expert in one doesn’t make you an expert in the other. I’ve seen far too many marketers who claimed to be traffic generating marketing gurus lose their shirts in the mobile marketplace.
It’s just like getting heart surgery done from your eye doctor. Sure they’re both qualified at what they do, but that specialized knowledge is not universally applicable.

The same applies with mobile marketing. You may be familiar with a lot of the concepts of SEO marketing and website promotion, but the difference is in the details.
In this model you’ll learn…
  • The secrets to using “mobile SEO” to promote your mobile sites. All SEO is not created equal, and in this section you’ll learn the blueprint to driving massive amounts of free traffic to your mobile site from mobile users.
  • The secret to leveraging the power of Google site maps to create a mobile site map that Google will accept into their system. By doing this the right way your site will be indexed five times faster than the average mobile site resulting in quicker profits!
  • My insider tactics for turning existing online traffic into profitable mobile traffic with “the flip of a virtual switch”.
  • How to tap into the power of social networking websites and their mobile platforms to drive tons of traffic to your mobile websites.
  • How to legally “hijack” the successful campaigns that million-dollar ad companies used to advertise their mobile brands and apply it to your mobile marketing campaign to get insane amounts of traffic!
  • How to do text message marketing the right way so that you can send a surge of targeted visitors to your mobile website at the click of a button pretty much creating profits on-demand!
  • How to market your mobile site to the millions of iPhone users with iPhone applications. Knowing how to tap into this ever-growing marketplace alone, is worth more than the price of this course.
  • How to generate laser targeted traffic through the use of voice blasting- a technique that nobody else online is using and can be extremely profitable if you know what you’re doing!

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