Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Improve Soccer or Football Skills With Epic Training

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How is this training different?

The soccer training methods I was teaching actually helped several other players reach All-American status and a couple others received honorable mentions.  And it was all after they had gone through my training program.

The thing I realized about training after watching the pros and working with high level coaches was that traditional soccer practices were NOT the correct way to become a great player.

Traditional soccer practices are meant for “team building” much more than developing your own skills.
So I developed a training method designed specifically for skyrocketing a player’s individual skills.  Here’s what I did:

  • First, I created training sessions that simulated game speed and conditions so that the skills you practice are easy to apply when it is game time.
  • Next, I developed highly effective drills that are specifically designed to quickly improve individual soccer skills such as ball control, touch, dribbling skills, passing skills, shooting power and precision, and even soccer I.Q.
  • And finally, I made sure that every player that went through my program would be the most skilled player on the field…every time…by teaching a plethora of advanced soccer moves that are guaranteed to keep the defender guessing and on their heels.

And here are just a few of the dynamic things you will learn from the Epic Soccer Training system…

  • Learn the #1 way to train to get maximum results quickly
  • Learn the 3 biggest mistakes that most players make and how changing just 1 thing will allow you to get the ball more every game
  • Discover how to become a game-changing player and make your teammates around you better too
  • Learn the top 20% of soccer moves that produce 80% of the best results
  • Master high level soccer moves so that you can recall them in a split second and beat your defender
  • Learn the #1 move that defensive players MUST know to easily get the ball out of the defensive zone (NOTE: this move works great for offensive players to reverse directions and go to goal)
  • Increase your soccer I.Q. so that you know what to do before anyone else on the field
  • Discover how to CRUSH the ball with power and make the ball move in a way that makes it almost impossible for the goalkeeper to stop
  • Kick harder, more accurately, and know the best place to shoot in order to confuse the goalkeeper
  • Learn how to “stack” moves so that you can quickly do multiple moves to beat more pesky defenders (NOTE: the pros use stack moves all the time)
  • Plus much more…

Epic Soccer Training is WRONG for you IF:

  • You are not willing to put in any work.  If you think you can just sit on the couch and magically get better at soccer…keep dreaming!  Becoming a great soccer player takes work…I’ve just made it as simple for you as possible.
  • All you want to do when you practice is scrimmage or see how many times you can juggle.  Don’t get me wrong, both of these can be beneficial but if you want to truly become a great player you have to train the right way.
  • You think that you’ll never be the player you want to be.  That type of thinking is just setting yourself to fail.  Remember, I rode the bench for years until using these methods so trust me, the sky is the limit!
  • Or, you are the type of person who will buy this system and then never even use it.  You have a choice to either do nothing and never get any better at soccer and maybe regret it for the rest of your life, or you can put this method to work for you, go out and do it!  And watch your soccer skills explode! 

Here’s where it gets really crazy

I’m so confident that Epic Soccer Training is the best method for skyrocketing your soccer skills and becoming the player that you want to be that I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.
  • Guarantee #1:  Use the entire Epic Soccer Training program for a full 8 weeks on me.  If you don’t get the fastest results in your skills that you’ve ever seen I will refund every penny…no questions asked.
  • Guarantee #2: If this isn’t the most effective soccer training you have ever used I’ll not only refund every penny, I’ll also let you keep the entire program for free!
Sure some people will take advantage of me with this crazy offer but that’s ok because I want you to know how confident I am that it will work for you.

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