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Earn Money From Youtube with videotrafficacademy.com

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 business will fail if you don't start using video and YouTube today.
If you are like most business today, you are actively using social media to grow your business. And most businesses DON'T know how to properly use YouTube to grow their business… EASILY.

There is a small group of smart business owners that HAVE learned the secret to leveraging YouTube along with their other online marketing… and profited big time because of it!

As the author of a book on LinkedIn, and webinar marketing and contributing writer for Forbes.com and Entrepreneur.com, I've been successfully using social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for for years.


  • YouTube is the world's 3rd most-visited website!
  • YouTube is considered the number two search engine right behind Google (people want video answers!)
  • YouTube videos are indexed inside Google's search results!
  • YouTube now receives over 3 billion daily views… and that number is rapidly growing!
  • YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views per day!
Turning Your Simple Videos into Traffic-PullingMachines is as Simple as One...Two...Three with Video Traffic Academy!

You don’t need to be a technical wiz behind the camera, or an Academy Award-Winning actor in front of the camera to get amazing results with Video Traffic Academy. You will discover our simple, three step strategy for generating massive traffic, qualified leads and profitable customers.
"I love working with James, because he really knows his stuff and there's no one better at getting real results when it comes to video.
Not only is he 'wicked smart,' as we say in Boston, but James also has a knack for making things - even video - seem simple. Plus, the guy consistently over-delivers. If you get the chance to work or learn with him, by all means, jump on it! James = genius!"

When you see these simple, yet powerful, techniques you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t using them.

  • This Program is for You

You are in business for many reasons--to create a dream lifestyle, to help others, to express your drive for success--as well as others. Video Traffic Academy is for you...

  • The Entrepreneur

You’ve recently created your own business, or you’ve been at it for awhile, and are looking to increase your exposure, leads and sales. You want to know more about YouTube marketing so you can do it yourself, or at least know how to do it so you can then hand it over to someone on your team to execute.

  • The Marketer

You work for a business and are responsible for or involved with your company’s online presence. You want to know what to do, how to do it and how to get results so you can increase your company’s bottom line (and show upper management that YouTube marketing is working for your programs and services).

  • The Business Owner

You own a business, you have some YouTube marketing knowledge, but you know there is a bigger opportunity waiting for you once you fully understand how your business can claim it’s place there. You might not do it all yourself, but you know you need to understand it first before you hand it off to someone else to manage.

  • Just Getting Started

You know YoutTube is important, but you have no clue where to start or what to do. This program works for beginners and also works for those who have been using YouTube for awhile. Our baby-step instructions make it easy for anyone to succeed. You will instantly know what strategies to implement to get real results quickly!
100% money-back guarantee.
Your Enrollment is Risk-Free!
Any feelings of skepticism you may have about investing in a new product is completely normal! This is why we've decided to put all of the risk on us! You have 60 full days to test drive the entire course and put it into full action.
If you do not get the results you expected, or you feel this course was simply not for you - there's no hard feelings! Simply send us an email and we will immediately refund your money - and you can keep the entire course along with all of your special bonuses absolutely free! No Questions Asked.
This is just our way of thanking you for your decision to Invest in Video Traffic Academy.

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