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Top Ten Blogging tools

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If you're a ProBlogger you will definitely already have an online blogging toolbox that helps you with your daily blogging tasks. If not, below I have listed 10 of my favourite and most used blogging tools I just can't live without. 

All of these blogging tools I use to some degree on a daily basis and without them I’m not sure how I would survive!

10 Blogging Tools I Can't Live Without

  • 1. Evernote: This must be one of the best ways to keep your blogging life organized. Evernote lets you take clippings from any website you visit, write notes, record audio, and much much more!
It's a great way to keep your research for your next post organized and in one place as you browse the net.
They have a free plan so go on over and check them out.
  • 2. JustCloud: Cloud storage is all the rage nowadays and with the vast amount of companies offering their services just which one do you choose? I've tried a few and after being messed around by other companies and loosing data I finally settled on JustCloud. They offer unlimited cloud storage along with an iPhone, iPad, and Android app which is great for me when I’m blogging away from my desk.
Oh, did I mention it's FREE!
  • 3. Google Reader: Where would I be without my RSS reader. By not spending hours everyday visiting my favourite blogs and websites I have more time to spend on more important things. The great thing about Google Reader is that there are many 3rd party applications that let you use your Google Reader account so you can take your feeds with you on your mobile or cross platform to Linux or Mac.
  • 4. Remember The Milk: A great way to keep your blogging schedule organized and a great editorial calender alternative. This app lets you keep track of your blogging life and alerts you so you won't forget and put off that blog post you were meaning to do.
Yep it's also free!
  • 5. Polldaddy: Want to engage with your blog visitors? What better way than introducing a poll to your blog and interacting with your visitors, find out what they're thinking and use this valuable information to your advantage.
  • 6. SEO Book Keyword Tool: Keyword research, yep that bit you try and avoid and put off. Why not try SEO Book's free keyword suggestion tool. It makes my life a little simpler plus they have some other great free tools you can check out whilst you're over there.
  • 7. Benchmark Email: If you’re not already using an email marketing service to handle your newsletters and email campaigns then why not use Benchmark email? They have some great rates and features. 
  • 8. Disqus: I use this commenting software on all of my blogs and websites. It's extremely easy to set-up and install and kind of acts like an commenting forum at the bottom of your posts. The easy sign in options makes it extremely easy for visitors to comment or rate your blog posts.
  • 9. RSS Graffiti: Are you still manually posting your blog posts to Twitter and Facebook? Well here is another time saver! Once you set-up RSS Graffiti you're done, it will automatically post all of your blog posts to your social page. 
  • 10. Infolinks: Why did I include Infolinks in my top 10 blogging tools? Simply because once set-up up Infolinks monetizes my blog, no messing around no fuss! I just relax knowing that I’m making money from my blog content. Did it mention it's my number one Google AdSense alternative.
All of the above are FREE tools, yes free! So you have no excuse not to go try them out or sign-up, right?

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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