Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Applications To Become A Better Blogger

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A bad worker with full equipment still work more productive than a good worker equipped with nothing. If you know how to design your own blogger template but only use some simple software to do it than that template will turn in to a regular blogger template. In this article I will show you 5 software you must have in order to design a great blogger template for your blog. There are a lot more software, but the reason why I only introduce 5 because it meet three criteria: useful, easy to use and free.

  • 1. Coding Using Notepad++

As a blogger we need to have Notepad++ to edit or even code our own template. We shouldn't use the HTML editor on Blogger because Notepad++ it's free and fully supports modern programming languages​​. Some great features that the built-in such as highlight and mark the opening and closing tags, collapse and expand code flexibility, etc ...

  • 2. Edit Photos Using Photoscape

Photoscape is a free photo editor. It allows you to crop images, rate, adjust brightness, color, watermark or even edit .gif image. The important point is that it is very easy to use, but also to ensure adequate basic features. You can download Photoscape here for free.

  • 3. Design Your Own Banner With Inkscape

Inkscape is open-source software has similar features to Corel but much more lighter. Inkscape now has instructions in English to help you from tinkering. To me this software really help when it come to designing my own banner. Check out Inkscape at

  • 4. Make Movies With Windows Movie Maker

Sometimes we need to make our own video to demonstrate something or to help out other people right? If you have trouble figuring out which software you need then try Windows Movie Maker. Unlike any video maker software this one is very easy to use, and available in any Windows computer.

  • 5. Blogging With Windows Live Writer

Like but not least, Windows Live Writer. This software is quite good and important, it helps you write a blog post as easy as presented in the Word document. If your blog is running on Blogger platform, you can insert images directly to Windows Live Writer from your computer and it will automatically upload to Picasa Web. You can can also edit your images with the following options: cut, add effects, watermark, adjust the size, etc.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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