Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Report Spam E-Mail Sent to iCloud Account Mac OS X

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Fighting spam is a constant cat-and-mouse game and one every e-mail provider faces. I receive my fair share of spam e-mail on my iCloud e-mail account, and for the longest time have just deleted them without opening, figuring it would eventually stop.

I had no idea this method even existed. Unfortunately, forwarding an e-mail as an attachment isn't possible on an iOS device. But it is possible using the Mail app on OS X, as well as various e-mail clients such as Outlook.

Here's how you forward an e-mail as an attachment in the Mail app on OS X:

  • Right-click on the e-mail you want to forward and select "Forward as Attachment."
  • Enter "spam@me.com" in the address field and send the e-mail. No other text or action is needed on your part.
  • The first time you report an e-mail as spam you'll receive an automated response thanking you for sending it in, and letting you know if more information is required someone from Apple will contact you.
Google makes it really easy to report a Gmail message as spam, but marking an iCloud message as spam isn't as cut and dry. Hopefully the method to report spam with iCloud is improved upon, allowing you to report messages from iOS and the iCloud Web site.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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