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Earn Co-Citations For Blog In 2013

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Every one wants to be popular but to be popular, you have to do lot of work and make important decisions from your mind.Today’s topic is co-citaions. There are so many people out there who do not know the meaning of co-citations in blogging but in case you have no idea what it means, this is the main thing you need these days to be a popular and successful blogger by leaps and bounds. The best definitions of co-citations for you and which i thinks is the best is below:

The simultaneous linking to each of a group of webpages from each of another group of webpages, even though the members of the group do not link to each other; used by some search engines to establish a connection between related pages

Google Penguin update is designed so that it maintains your position in SERP and Google wants to show the most relevant and quality content which is loved by readers. Let me explain co-citations from your life example: You are writing an article about how to connect Cisco hub in a computer network, you have lots of subscribers, local and foreign, there are many results but readers want the accurate information which can help them so, might tell them by given a link to Cisco store, by telling them the best model of the hub switch, best wires to use and all that. All links given by you in one article are pointing to other websites with the following information. All these links are called co-citations, Google will look all the links if they are relevant to each other you will got a push up in your serp position. I hope now you can understand why is this more important. Should we forget anchor text? Absolutely not. But we have to give more attention to co-citations because they are more praised by search engines than anchor text because anchor text is placed by the owner  and co-citations are earned by your killer content. There are lots of benefits of this simple technique some are as follows.

  • Stay Up To Date

The main and first duty is to stay up to date in the field you are blogging on. Either it is technology, agriculture or something like that, be updated, subscribe to big websites like CNN, BBC or any other big source in your niche so you can get the news first.Try to publish the news as fast you can and beat your competitors.

  • Publish Something New And Unique

The more unique you are, the more will people talk about you. Trying to invent some new techniques in SEO or in blogging field to make readers get impressed by your work. The most praised co-citation is when people link back or share it with others when they really like the article.Try to invent some new widgets which can be used in blogger or wordpress and be sure they are unique and work in a new manner than any other plugin or widget

  • Again Something New

Try to post on such a topic which is not covered yet by anyone, your knowledge create waves in the community and if some other person post on the same topic then Google knows the whole story. You will be rewarded in some cases by Google.

  • You Cannot Manipulate Anyone

Manipulation is a skill full manner used by many out there to boast of their popularity.In case of earning co-citations it can go wrong. Do not ask any one to list you in his blog roll or to list in his upcoming post, you can lose your reputation and hardly earned exposure. Money do not matter

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So you think that in future anchor text will be replaced by co-citations can you please define it in comments.Chasing behind page rank is the biggest misconception I have ever seen. Newbie bloggers publish fresh and unique content and you will be automatically listed everywhere. So please comment below as I am always there to help you in any way. Till then, stay blessed and happy linking !

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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