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5 Ways For Better Blog Post Titles

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For many new bloggers the title of your latest post never gets much thought or very little attention - if anything it's an after thought.

Believe it or not the title of your blog post is actually important in the eyes of Google and other search engines especially if the title is keyword rich or even answers a question someone may be searching for.

Not only that but the title is the doorway to your blog post that you've painstakingly crafted. If you can't grab the potential readers attention within the handful of words in your title you have very little chance of pulling and reeling them in to read the rest of your blog post.

With the abundance of information at the finger tips of the average Joe nowadays you need to stand out from the competition. With millions of Google searches a day how do you make yourself stand out?

Below I have listed a few basic ways to make your blog post title stand out and hopefully grab the attention of potential readers searching Google or other major search engines.

5 Top Tips For Writing Better Blog Post Titles

Use Power Words: Many people nowadays use the search engines as a quick answering tool. They don’t want to spend hours crawling and digging around Google. So bearing that in mind try and use words like Top, Best, Free, Worst, and Amazing. Here are a few examples:
  • Top 10 Blogging Tools I Can't Live Without
  • The Best Cameras In 2012
  • The Worst Places To Visit In Dubai
  • Free Video Tutorials
Sprinkling a few "power words" in your title is a great way to stand out from the crowd but make sure you have great content to back up your claims.

Ask A Question: A Great way to pull in potential readers is to ask a question, you'll be surprised at the amount of people who are unconsciously pulled in and want to read the rest of your blog post.

Not only that but people use Google and search engines to answer questions everyday so if your title is formed in a question you may have more of a chance of someone stumbling across your blog post.
  • 5 W's And One H: What you talking about? Try and think back to your school days, I know this may be a stretch for some of you. Do you recall being told to use the 5 W's and One H?
Who, What, When, Where, Why, How

Using any of these words in your blog post title is a sure way to grab the attention of your readers. A good point to mention is that none of these can be answered with just a simple yes or no.

Add A Number: People like things to be kept simple especially more so in the internet world where vast amounts of information is in abundance. If you use a number in your title its a sure way to reel in more readers, here are a few examples:
  • The 5 Best
  • 10 Most Talked About
  • Top 100 
  • 25 Places To Visit
Not only do people like numbers they love lists, scannable content like lists and bullets are a great way to engage and keep your readers interested.
  • Avoid Bait And Switch: I'm a big believer in writing catchy blog titles to try and reel in potential readers, but be truthful in your title.
There is nothing worse than a reader finding your blog in Google to then only find that the actual blog post content is nothing to do with the title or even what they were looking for, believe it or not this happens a lot.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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