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Reverse Phone Lookup with PhoneDetective.com

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How does a reverse phone lookup work? 

PhoneDetective.com is a caller ID application that covers landline numbers, cell phones, and business lines in the United States. The way it works is simple:

Step 1: Enter a phone number into the search box (you can begin a search here)
Step 2: Preview your results (basic information about the number, such as city/state)
Step 3: Pay to view full results (name and address of owner, if available)

There are many reasons why you might want to conduct a reverse phone search:
  • Find out the source of a harassing ("prank") caller
  • Research a number that appeared on your phone bill
  • Locate an old friend from high school or college
  • Research "missed calls" on your caller ID that you don't recognize
  • Verify an address
  • And more
Note: By using our website, you agree to use the information found only for lawfully permitted reasons. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information.

People are using cell phones now more than ever. In fact, many people have eliminated their landline and instead simply use their cell phones as their home phones.

For a caller, a cell phone is the ultimate in convenience and practicality. However, for a call recipient, cell phones come with their own set of challenges. In particular, most cell phone numbers can’t be found in the White Pages, phone directories or other people search engines.

PhoneDetective.com, however, eliminates this frustration and enables you to almost instantaneously research your phone bill, trace a phone number to its caller, or simply verify an address.

The following is a list of the 21 reasons why it pays to use PhoneDetective.com:

  • 1. Becoming a member is quick and easy.
  • 2. As a member, you can enjoy unlimited reverse phone lookups for both landlines and other listed numbers.
  • 3. As a member, you can enjoy advanced people searches. Imagine being able to reconnect with friends, family and old co-workers!
  • 4. As a member, you can enjoy discounted cell phone and background reports.
  • 5. Search results for PhoneDetective.com include the owner name and address, the phone type (i.e. landline or cell phone), people search results, and more!
  • 6. PhoneDetective.com is more useful than regular reverse phone look-up services, as it specializes in hard-to-find numbers.
  • 7. It’s Caller ID for the 21st century!
  • 8. PhoneDetective.com uses an advanced search gateway that grants its users to hundreds of millions of landline, mobile and unlisted phone number records.
  • 9. PhoneDetective.com allows you to find the source of a harassing, prank caller.
  • 10. PhoneDetective.com allows you to research a phone number that you don’t recognize on your Caller ID or phone bill.
  • 11. PhoneDetective.com enables you to locate an old friend or out-of-touch family member.
  • 12. PhoneDetective.com allows you to verify an address.
  • 13. PhoneDetective.com keeps your searches confidential.
  • 14. You can opt out of PhoneDetective.com at any time for free.
  • 15. PhoneDetective.com features an Online Privacy Protection Package that helps you remove your personal information from 44 of the major databases that track phone number information.
  • 16. You can become a member of PhoneDetective.com just by submitting your preferred payment option and checking out using the secure server order form.
  • 17. Phone Detective offers affordable prices and discounts for members.
  • 18. The staff at PhoneDetective.com can assist you if you are unable to find what you are looking for – at no extra charge!
  • 19. The information available as a member of PhoneDetective.com includes: the phone number owner name and current address, the line type, the phone company name and carrier, and people search results.
  • 20. PhoneDetective.com also allows you to purchase full background reports.
  • 21. PhoneDetective.com is fun, affordable and incredibly practical!

How many searches do I get to conduct? 

Membership at PhoneDetective.com includes unlimited basic reverse phone lookups, which covers listed landline numbers. Full Phone Reports are limited to one per customer. Customers can purchase additional premium cell phone owner searches (Tracer Reports™) within the members area.

Do your databases cover international phone numbers? 

No. Our product is for U.S. customers and information only.

Do your databases cover cell phone numbers? 

Yes. Information about a mobile number's issuing location, carrier, and other details is available for almost all U.S. numbers. The availability of ownership details depends on whether the phone number is available in our data sources.

What are the computer/browser requirements for accessing the members area? 

Our members area is compatible with all major browsers and computer types. An Internet connection is required to conduct searches. Pages load quickly, so even a dial-up (modem) connection is fine.

Can I access the members area from multiple computers? 

Yes. You may sign into the members area from any computer with your username and password.

Can I print the search results? 

Yes. You may copy, paste, and print the information on your screen. We don’t allow “bots”, scraping, or bulk exports, however.

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