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Remove Malware Warnings from Blogger Blog

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Does your blogger site inject with some sorts of malicious code? Are you facing weird notifications like “Danger Malware ahead” whenever you are trying to access your website? If yes then, your website is probably serving malicious codes. In this scenario, you should quickly scan your site for any kind of virus. If you are also looking for a way of getting your site clean from any kind of malicious code or virus then, you have landed to the right place. Today in this article, we will show you How to Remove Malware codes from Your Blogger blog.

What is a Malware?

It is a kind of software that tries to damage your computer, and computing systems. Malware or malicious software is planned to secretly access a computer device without even informing the computer owner.  The main intention of this software is to harm other computers and perform such actions which can damage data or disrupt systems.

Due to these high security risks, few corporate companies rely on cloud computing, which helps them to secure their confidential data from any kind of malicious injection.

How to Remove Malware from Your Blogger Site?

To remove a suspicious code from your site, you have to identify which code or script is causing the problem. While access your site through Google Chrome browser, you may have seen a warning message like “Attention Malware detected”. This warning message helps you in knowing the problem.

Take a look at the following screenshot which says that this site may harm your computer. If you go in depth, you would be able to see something like this, “Your site contains some malware injection from which is a known malware distributor”. Sounds fishy huh?

It means that is causing the problem because it is a known malware distributor and you have linked it on your site. The solution to this problem is a lot simpler than it looks you just need to remove that link from your site and everything would be back to normal.
  • Go to >> Template >> Edit HTML >> Search for the URL of those websites which are causing the problem and just removed them from your coding. Once everything is done, press the Save Template button to finish the process. 
Congratulations: Now Chrome would not display warning messages to you or your visitors.


According to the estimated, daily thousands of websites gets compromised and you could be the next one. Therefore, it is essential to take all safety precautions before it gets too late. Since, Blogger is in the cloud so it cannot be hacked, but this does not mean it cannot be injected from malware. Thus, always download templates from reliable designers and sources.  Furthermore, make a habit of scanning the templates before you apply them onto your site.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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