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Host Javascript and Css File in Blogger

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You might have noticed Jquery scripts hosted in various sites and put up as links in many Blogger widgets,But why do they do that?The main reason is that,because blogger doesn't host the codes because it would consume a lot of space.So today we are going to show you how to host some codes on your own via Google Code.


Its necessary that you host files on your own because the original author may remove the files whenever he wants to delete his script .So you will face bugs in the widgets and they stop appearing so,If its hosted by you,it will be existing until you delete it.And hosting files isn't a tough process at all,It can be done easily.


Google host is safe because its created for developers by Google Itself and your files will never be deleted without your permission even if you don't use it or check it for long time.And it offers many features like creating a separate project for each widget you want to host.


Step 1.Create A Project

To host your files in Google Code,First you need to create a project.First,Go to Google Code and hit "Create A New Project" as Shown Below.

Step 2.Setting It Up

After clicking on the "Create A New Project" Link,You will be taken to a new page asking you to fill in the details of your project.Here,There are certain rules to be followed in filling every single box and labels are optional.I have explained each and every Box in detail and i have also mentioned the rules needed to be followed.
  • Project Name- Project name directly effects the URL of the Code,For example if i give my project name as geeks-grave,The resultant URL of  my project will be geeks -grave .googlecode. com /files/sample.js. You can give any name to your project but there are some rules to be followed.
  1. 1.All the letters must be of lower case
  2. 2."Spaces" cannot be used to separate words,"-" is an alternate option for it.
  • Project Summary-This is the place where you have to enter your projects summary.
  1. 1.It should not exceed 4-5 words.
  2. 2.It must Describe your project in the best way.
  • Description-This is the place where you have to type the complete details of your project.This is actually not necessary but be sure to type at least 2-3 lines.
  • Version Control System-This is the place hwre you have to choose the version control system,here there are some options given in which you should tick the needed one,for hosting files for blogger the best one is "Mercurial" So tick it.
  • Source Code License-Here you need to select the license for your project,here you must choose MIT license.
  • Project Labels-Here you ca label your projects just like the way you label your posts.This can be later used if you are going to publish it.

Step 3.Uploading Your Script

Now you will be promoted to a new screen that is to Project home.This is the place will show the project's description and the other details which you had earlier.Now Click on "Downloads" beside the "Project Home".Then click on "New Download" as shown below.

Now once you click on the "New Download" you will be taken to a new wizard asking the details for your download,Enter the details properly and upload your file. Remember that the file must now exceed 200 MB and you will be provided 4 GB per project so don't exceed that and use your space wisely.

Step 4.Acquiring The Link

Once you have filled in the details,click on "Submit File".Then you will be promoted back to Downloads page.Now just click on the file which you have uploaded and you will be taken to a new page.Right click on the file name and hit "copy link address".

Now once you have copied the address paste it in your widget code and that is the link of the code which you have hosted.You can use this o post as downloads or to use it in different widget codes.

This completes the Master Guide To Host Files On Google Code For Blogger,I think you all understood the way to host your own files and create own codes using Google Code.Stay tuned for more updates and Freebies.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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