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Qwiki App For iPhone

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Over the years, the iPhone has evolved enough that I can use it as my go-to camera for both pictures and video. With my wife being a photographer and a toddler that my parents want to see in photos, I have learned that there is never a bad time to snap a picture or capture a video. There are a variety of apps out there that I can use to do this and easily send them off to my family. But most of the popular apps out there usually do one thing well: they either are great for pictures or video, but not necessarily both.
For the past couple of weeks I have been trying out Qwiki, which combines both video and images that you take on your iPhone and gives you the freedom to create a cool looking slideshow. It gives me additional capability beyond just taking pictures and video, and I can now edit them and then easily send a slideshow to my friends and family. Let’s take a look at it more and so I can explain to you what I mean.
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Creating a Slideshow

When you first start up Qwiki, you’re presented with two options where you can let the app make a slideshow for you or create and edit one yourself. When you let it create a slideshow for you, it scans through your pictures on your iPhone and then it creates a qwiki based off of pictures taken in a day. For example, if you took ten pictures on a specific day, Qwiki will recognize them and put them into a slideshow for you. If you choose to create your own, they make it really easy to do this by having you first choose the photos and videos you want, instead of letting the app do it.

Social Aspect

After you create a slideshow, you are obviously going to want to share it with your family and/or friends and Qwiki provides you with a variety of ways to do this. You can share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, but if you want something a little more private, you can email it to specific people as well. Maybe you are not ready to share your slideshow and you are holding it for a later date; Qwiki gives you the option to make your work private so that only you can see it and then when you are ready to share it, you can.

Sharing features for your slideshow.

Qwiki has their own social network of sorts, where you can follow other people that are using the app and connect with them and see what they are creating. You get a feed of slideshows where you can interact with them by liking and commenting on people’s creations. Public qwikis can also be shared on social networks, even if you don’t own the rights to them.

Finding other users to follow (left) Interacting with other users (right)

Keeping It Simple

One of the aspects of Qwiki that I appreciated right off the bat was how easy it was to create a slideshow and then share it. Even if I had to select my photos myself, it still felt really easy and quick to create something that I could be proud of. Another feature that I liked was the fact that I could use both videos and pictures in my slideshow.

There will be people out there who want more control and features when it comes to creating their presentation, and to them I say that Qwiki may not be for you. When I showed this app to my wife, she mentioned that iMovie was much better, and for some people that may be true. The whole point of Qwiki is to create a good looking slideshow with your pics and videos without the hassle of having to do it all yourself.

Final Thoughts

Qwiki is one of those apps that I may not use often, but when I do need to create a quick movie with pictures and videos, I can fire up the app and within five minutes I can be sending something out to my friends. It is free to use and right now there are no paid features, and I really hope there are some in the future, as I want this app to stick around for a long time.

Finding other users to follow (left) Interacting with other users (right)
Choosing a song (left) Rearranging media and adding captions (right)
Select the type of qwiki you want to create (left) Editing your qwiki (right)

Note: If this APK worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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