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7 Extreme Ways iPhone 5 Battery Life

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Here are some dramatic ways you can get more battery life from your new iPhone

We know iPhone 5 battery life is already great on its own -- it's better than most Android devices out there, anyway. And we've already given you tips on how to get better iPhone 5 battery life. But what if it just isn't enough? You might be a serious power user, and tips like "turn off your Bluetooth" probably won't cut it for you. If you're prepared to make a few sacrifices to get the most out of your iPhone 5 battery, here is the best you'll be able to do.

1. Turn off location services for everything

Yes, it's extreme, but that's what these tips are going to be all about. You probably don't need that puzzle game or that photo editing app to know your location all the time, so just turn it off. If you're in your home city all day, you're not going to need maps or Yelp to help you find the nearest gas station or Italian restaurant, so cut it. Turn it on only when you need it, like when you're lost in some city whose name you can't even pronounce, or when you absolutely have to let your Foursquare friends know that you're about to become mayor of your local gas station. Otherwise, turn it off and keep it off.

2. Kill those notifications

If you're the type of power user who needs extreme tips to prolong iPhone 5 battery life, it's probably not going to hurt you to turn off some notifications. After all, you're checking or using your iPhone 5 so often that it wouldn't even matter. Every time you get a push notification from Facebook, Tweetbot, which is a news service, or when you get a text message or a push email, those notifications will light up your screen letting you know there's something that needs attention. But you'll find that most of the time, those things don't need your immediate attention, yet there they are, waiting for a response.

You don't want your phone to be in your purse or pocket lighting up every minute or so, or worse, when those people -- and I hate these types who decide that sending you several five-word text messages is better than one long message -- so at least turn off lock screen notifications if nothing else.

3. Dim your screen brightness all the way down

Your display is a power hog, and if you want the best iPhone 5 battery life, you'll have to tame this beast right now. In all but the most extreme situations, like being outdoors at noon with no shade around, even the dimmest settings are bright enough to read a tweet or text message. Maybe you'll need to turn up the brightness every now and then, perhaps to edit a photo or to check out the Facebook pic of your friends puking outside the bar last night, but don't forget to dim it again after you're done. This should also go without saying, but turn off auto-brightness, too, as it has a tendency to get a little too bright for most lighting situations.

4. Turn off push email and other push services

This is somewhat tied to killing notifications, but it's also a little different. In many cases, you don't need push services activated. Unless you're a doctor saving lives, or your boss expects immediate answers for any and all emails, your friends and coworkers can wait 30 minutes or more to get their emails answered. Hell, since we're talking extreme ways to save iPhone 5 battery life here, let's just set mail retrieval to manual. You don't want your phone checking for email every 30 minutes or each hour, and you certainly don't want all those Groupon and gym emails to be buzzing your phone every 10 seconds when push is activated. Kill it.

5. Kill those power hungry apps

iOS, your iPhone's operating system, does a damn fine job of managing apps when you're not using them. The apps usually sit in some dormant state when you're not in them, except for apps that need to run in the background, like Pandora or Spotify, but sometimes apps can become fussy and don't behave properly. You'll notice this kind of behavior when you go into an app and it crashes often or freezes. Sometimes killing it at the dock or tray solves the problem. To do this, double tap your home button to bring up the tray, press and hold any of the app icons, and they'll start jiggling with little red buttons on the upper-left corners. Press those red buttons to kill the apps.

Maybe none of the apps are hurting your battery, a very likely case. But if we're talking extreme iPhone 5 battery life here, kill them all and kill them often. I've mastered this technique of rapidly tapping the spot where you can kill the first app, and as the other apps come sliding in, they're killed, too. I think I can kill about 15 active/inactive processes in about three seconds now. Woot!

6. Stop using your phone!

You're probably thinking what a dumb tip this is, right? Well, good, you've come to the right article. After all, this is extreme, and sometimes there is just no substitute for saving battery life than to not use it at all. It's like saving gas -- did you really need to drive four blocks just to pick up that loaf of bread? Or could you have walked, doing both your health and mother nature a favor?

If you won't have access to a power source for a while; maybe you're a nurse working a 16-hour shift or a doctor about to perform a 10-hour surgery (you really shouldn't be checking your Facebook then), refrain from using your device when you can. Getting a day and a half to two days of iPhone 5 battery life sounds crazy, but it really does happen, and is a delicate balance of being very extreme and not using your phone when you don't have to.

The worst case scenario is that you buy an external battery pack. Unfortunately, there aren't very many charging cases, like the Mophie Juice Pack Plus for iPhone 4S, for the iPhone 5. Over the holiday season, we did recommend a number of external battery packs for you, so you may want to check those out. You'll probably be able to find some great ones on Amazon, too. I love New Trent and Mophie, if you're looking for a brand recommendation.

7. Turn on Do Not Disturb

Chances are, you may not need to be pinged every single time someone text messages you, or someone leaves a comment on your Facebook or responds to you on Twitter. Your iPhone 5 can be bombarded with so many calls and messages and notifications that it will make your battery beg for mercy. In this case, turn your Do Not Disturb feature on when you know that you absolutely don't need to be bothered by anyone. To do that, simply go into your Settings and turn on the feature. By default, someone can still reach you in an emergency if they call multiple times within a few minutes. You can disable that feature, too, if you want, but I'd recommend keeping it on unless you really don't care to be told that your home is on fire while you're at the grocery store. Turning on Do Not Disturb on your iPhone 5 may sound a little extreme, but then again that's what this article is all about!

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