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Reset Mac OS X Password or Reset Mac Password

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Well, we got Windows and Linux password guide and thought not having one for OS X wouldn’t be fair. So here we are for a password reset for an OS that is popular for it’s efficiency.

Today We are gonna present you with two different methods to reset Max os x password. The first method to reset your Mac OS X password would be using the Mac OS X installation media (CD) and the other without using it. The latter one is a little tricky but isn’t a big deal after all andro-park guide is with you. So just try out this method & get your Max OS x password reseted.

(1) How To Reset Mac OS X Password With CD

  • So our first method is on how to reset mac os x password with help of a cd / installation media.
  • Insert the cd / installation media , now reboot your Mac from the cd/installer media to do that hold the C button during the boot.
  • Now select your preferred language
  • Under the Utilities menu select Password Reset option.
  • Now select the disk that has the forgotten password.
  • Now select the username of the forgotten password, and now you’ll be asked to select a new password.
  • Reboot and login with your new password.
  • Done : End Of First Method

(2) How To Reset Mac OS X Password Without CD

The method 1 is lot more easier than this, but its of no use if you don’t own the Max OS X cd. The best way to reset your mac OS X password in such a situation is by booting into single user mode, get the administrator privileges, login as the administrator and then reset your password.

Here is how to do that :-

  • Reboot your Mac and hold the Command+S keys. This will take you to the single user mode with it’s terminal on the screen.
  • First we will check the filesystem using the following command:
  • fsck -fy
  • Now to save the changes that we are gonna perform, we will have to mount the root drive as writable using the following command:
  • mount -uw /
  • Now we are gonna remove the applesetupdone file using the following command :
  • rm /var/db/.applesetupdone
  • Now reboot your Mac using this command
  • reboot
  • Hit enter.
We are not done yet, but the tedious terminal part is over. Now you will be presented with a  welcome wizard, the one that you had seen, the first time you got your Mac.
  • Follow the welcome wizard and make a new user account with a different name than the one you whose password you wish to reset.
  • Now as you’ll boot into your Mac OS X, with the new user account which holds administrative privileges.
  • Go to System Preferences and click on Accounts options. Enter your newly created authentication credentials and now as you can see, you can reset the passwords for the all users.
  • On the left side user panel choose the username you wish to reset the password for. Once the username being selected, simply click on ‘Reset Password’ button.
  • DONE ! Login to your original username and delete the newly created account.
Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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