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Making Wine At Home with The Home Winemakers

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The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade wineIn the NEXT 6 minutes, YOU can start making your own delicious wine from the comfort of your own home!  How to Make Wine!

Over the last 20 years, Mike's eBooks, videos, and seminars have shown thousands of people world wide how to make top quality wine at home using simple equipment and ingredients.

Take a look at just some of what you're going to discover inside the Home Winemaker's Inner Circle ...

  • How you can start your first batch almost immediatel
  • The 4-step formula for successful winemaking at home
  • 7 reasons people fail plus a complete Troubleshooting section
  • How to create an irresistible aroma
  • How to use additives that will boost your wines flavour
  • The science of aging wines
  • How the right amount of sugar can boost your flavour
  • How to force every batch you make to be PERFECT
  • The key differences between grapes and juices
  • 41 magic "goodies" that will help every batch you make taste amazing
  • Not to mention over 150 recipes for award-winning wines!
 With your membership to the Home Winemakers Inner Circle, you'll receive immediate access to all of the above bonus material (yours to keep no matter what) practically guaranteeing that you'll make perfect wine the first time!  And you'll get instant notification and access to any new additions to the library and winemaking video series absolutely free.

Every month or so, you'll receive new articles, e-books, and videos!  I'm always adding to the Inner Circle, you'll receive an email notifying you what's new. That way you can keep up with all of the up-to-the-minute home winemaking tips and tricks, recipes and resources we find for you!  If you really want to know how to make wine, the Inner Circle is your ticket.

Plus, you'll be joining a world-wide community of people making wine at home just like you! Our member forum let's you exchange recipes, ask questions, and get answers to any winemaking problems you might have.

You will also get Access to the  Complete Video Winemaking Course...

  • VIDEO #1 - A Comprehensive overview of the wine making process.  This is the video that give you the "BIG picture".  I even cover several hints and tricks that will almost guarantee your first batch will turn out perfect.
  • VIDEO #2 - Equipment and Chemicals - I show you and detail each piece of wine making equipment, from racking canes to fermenters and corkers.  Then I show and explain each chemical, step by step.
  • VIDEO #3 - Must preparation - this video covers the actualy mechanics of putting your juice together.  It's all about getting the starting conditions right so that when you open that first bottle, you will be amazed at what you have created...
  • VIDEO #4 - Must Balancing and Sugar Inversion - how to get everything just right BEFORE you put your yeast in.  This is THE video that unlocks the inner secrets of making your own wine at home.  I even cover acid testing and balancing - EXTREMELY important and you won't find this information anywhere else!
  • VIDEO #5 - Fermentation - let's get that fermentation started!  In this video we'll cover the starter mixture and the best ways to make sure your fermentation takes off with a bang.  No slow or stuck fermentations will haunt you if you just follow the steps in this video.
"Easy to understand and informative..."
Mike, I just wanted to let you know that I am real impressed with your video's. I find that they are easy to understand and quite informative. My brother and I have used a lot of your information to make a great wine even on our first attempt. We are just getting started on something that is going to turn into much more than just a one time thing. We are starting on our 3rd batch and loving every moment of it.
So many things things to do to improve something that is already good. We were totally surprised that homemade wine could be so good. I have tried quite a few from friends and some, almost all, were hard to get that first sip down with a smile (and that's good).
Again thanks for sharing your endless years of searching and gathering info. We are thankful for you sharing your wisdom with us."
Ken S.

Your 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee!

 It's important that you feel 100% confident before ordering The Complete Illustrated Guide to Homemade Wine and joining us in the Home Winemakers Inner Circle - which is why, when you join us today, you've got an iron-clad, 60 day, unconditional, money back guarantee...

I'm even going to go a step further...

Join us inside the Winemaker's Inner Circle, follow the simple step by step instructions and start your first batch of wine.  If it doesn't come out perfect, just let me know and you'll get a FULL REFUND.  All the risk is on ME.

That's how confident I am that you are going to be thrilled with what you'll find and thrilled with your wine.  If not -  I'll refund 100% of your money no questions asked!

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