Sunday, March 17, 2013

Learn Mentalism And Mind Reading with The Revelation Effect

6:30 PM


Welcome to The Revelation Effect

As you’ve just seen in the video above, this effect gets AWESOME reactions, is so easy to do and can be performed anywhere at anytime to anyone. Considered to be the ULTIMATE mentalism and mind reading trick, this incredibly powerful effect will give you the ability to read minds like never before.

You’re here because you want the best. You want that one trick that just rules them all. A trick will take your magic to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or professional, experienced or no experience at all this trick is perfect - Welcome to The Revelation Effect!

And here’s the cool thing:

  • It’s Easy to do
  • No Palming 
  • No Switching
  • No Tearing 
  • No Trick Gimmicks
  • Can Be Performed Surrounded
  • Learn within 15 Minutes
So yes, this is totally IMPROMPTU. Based on a very old method, this video and presentation gives it a modern feel and look, taking it to a new level. Fraudulent Psychics would use this to convince people of supernatural powers and real mind reading. Now for the first time, you get the chance to learn this effect in a professional instructional video, teaching you everything you need to know in order to perform this mind boggling trick. Check it out…


Name The power to reveal an emotional thought. It's strong and direct.

"A spectator thinks of someone in their life they are close to, someone they have a relationship with. Nothing is said. Slowly you get a sense of who this person is, you are able to reveal this name letter by letter. You can now reveal that thought of name. It's Impossible..."

Drawing Duplication The power to duplicate a hidden drawing.

"A spectator draws any picture that comes to mind. They fold their drawing up and hide it so you cannot see. There's no way you could possible know what it is. You grab a piece of paper, and start to draw something. You ask that person to show you what they drew. It could be anything. Yet you have successful duplicated that drawing.

Psycho-physiological Muscle Reading The power of muscle reading.

"You claim you're able to read minds simply by reading the minute muscle movements in someone's hand. You ask someone to think of an object in the room and to focus all of their attention on it, but not to give it away. You then take hold of their hand and guide them around the room. Somehow, through this bizarre skill you have, you lead them straight to the object they were merely thinking of."

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