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Reasons Why You Will Fail at Blogging

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Surveys and analytic say, thousands of blogs are being set up on daily basis and there are more than 300,000 blogs. Out of all these, only few blogs are still live while others are dead.
It so obvious that most bloggers launch a blog and quit within 6 months.


When they waste time doing pointless hokum that doesn't deliver what the actually want (more traffic, more leads, more revenue,) they quit.
The more time people spend on doing thing without any good result, the harder it is for them to continue doing that thing, and that's why i believe people fails.
Most bloggers actually start their blog with great intention, but later collapse after blogging the wrong way and have nothing to show for it rather than a bunch of social media logins. Does that sound like you?

Okay! So what are the reason why people fail at blogging?

  1.  Lack creativity

Most content produce by genius writers, designers and painters are not truly original content. They are rejig and rehash into a new version. It depends on your ability to develop ideas from old content.

“I invented nothing new, I simply assembled the discoveries of other men behind whom there was centuries of work,” says Henry Ford.

Put your creativity and repackage peoples ideas. The art of creativity starts with copying, then transforming and combining your ideas for better result. Your originality can have a great impact in your success story.

  2.  Not passionate enough

If you aren’t completely passionate about your topic, there is no way you will put forth the immense amount of effort it takes to succeed at blogging.
I doubt if you can achieve something if you are not passionate about blogging. Because, you need a strong passion to continue moving which is not just limited to blogging. In all your endeavor, passion must lead the way before your longing can be archived.

  3.  Blogging only for money

Beneath every successful blogger, there are restless nights, days of work and few failure milestones which they have overcome. If the main purpose of your blogging is all about money, then you should expect nothing else than failure.

Most bloggers are so hook up to the term "monetization." They are so habituated to tweaking adsense that they end up doing nothing else. They have no time to create content that inspires nor have time to promote their blog's.

I'm not saying you shouldn't monetize your blog, but you have to realize that there is nothing like overnight success. It takes a long run before you can build a successful online business.

  4.  Focusing so mush on content

Sure, content is king, i don't dispute that. But let me clear these. Content doesn't determine the success of a blog. If you focus too mush on content and your blog have few reader's that visit it, creating more content doesn't help your blog gain more reader.
The key of getting new reader's depends on your ability to promote the content you already have and get it in the hands of wider audience.

  5.  Promoting content the wrong way

This is where most bloggers fails. They think creating and sharing their post to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media is what promotion is all about. And doing this regularly is number one time waster.

Don't get it twisted! Social media have great impact on blog traffic, but you shouldn't concentrate all your efforts in driving traffic from it, because it can only send limited traffic and not sure to be targeted.
You need to understand what good promotion is. The best way to promote your blog is to relate with higher authority that has wider audience to send traffic to your blog.

Now the question is HOW?

It's simple, find blogs related to your niche and convince them if you could submit a post for publishing.

Danny Iny - You should only write maybe four to five posts a month on your blog if it receives less than 250 visitors a day, then spend the rest of your time guest blogging to get the word out that you have your blog and that people should visit it.

What is the essence of creating new content when no one read your previous work?
You need to build a huge base of readership before you can have a successful blog.

  6.  Letting detractors get the best of you

If you have no detractor yet, it shows that you are not popular enough. If someone tells you that you or your blog suck, then you need to smile and tell yourself "I'm getting popular." Instead of feeling dejected, you should be celebrating.
I think you know that you are not the only one blogging in your niche, there are lot's of contenders, and each of your competitor's won't be happy about your fortune because they will be thinking you are the one claiming the glory instead of them. So why worry?

Stop letting detractors weigh you down, it only shows that you are on the right track and keep doing what you know best.

  7.  Contributing to the crowd

This is the part i think most bloggers should focus on. If you are saying what others are saying, it may be so difficult for you to stand out from the crowd. Try to be what people will first think about when they here a certain term. E.g Search engine "Google", SocialMedia news "Mashable."

There are thousands of blogs that write the same stereotype content in your niche. Try to be more specific if you are writing on saturated niche. Instead of writing about health tips. Write about "health tips for 40+ years old people."

Creating your own personal brand will be more effective if you are pumping out consistent message that add value to the public. Though you will be very hard pressed to find a niche that isn’t already saturated.  The only way you can stand out is with your personal story and your personality.

  8.  Too lazy to learn

Most bloggers are complaining about blogging burnout, but what i often ask is, do you read other blogs? You can go and read some of the first publish post on this blog, and you may be thinking that "Am i still on RealcomBiz?"

Honestly those writing are so embarrassing, i can't even link to them so as not to leave negative impression in my readers. But the secrete is that i try to improve my writing skills by reading blogs and ebooks, and i hope things are getting better? Well, that's the power of learning.

I think you should now understand why most blogger fails? You really need to avoid them so as not to experience blogging flop. But still i don't believe the list is complete. I'm looking forward to hear your success stories and what you think it might be causing blogging failure.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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