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Earn More For Adsense In 2013

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Every blogger wants to make money from their blog and the make money from Adsense is the best and popular way among all of us.In this post I'm going to tell you how to make more money with Adsense.

In order to Boost up your earnings you must have to take care about the Adsense policies. There are simple fundamentals to monetize your blog with the Adsense. Below is the list of the such a points that you have to keep in mind in order to boost up the earnings.

1.Choose A Better Font, Size And Spacing :-

This is the very first point that you have to keep in mind that your blog is using the specific fonts. Never use the 'Arial' font for the blog. Choose the font-size in between 14-16px, line-height 1.5em-1.6em and character per line 60-90. This will give a rest to the eyes of the reader and they will stick to your blog. Here is the some of the best Google fonts that you can choose : Open sans, Droid Sans, Droid Serif, Lato and Ubuntu.

2. Use Sidebar Wisely :-

Let the readers be fall in love with your blog rather than get frustrated. use the sidebar wisely and do not add too much Ads and widgets to the sidebar which are not necessary. It will also reduce the webpage loading time and more ever it will be more better for a Readers.
3.Do Not Disturb Readers :-

As per the name suggest Do Not Disturb (DND) means do not add in between the posts.which will create a negative impression of your blog and you may get drop in returning visitors. Make your Posts ads free and use the Internal links wisely instead of Ads. In stead of putting the ads in between the content of post. Use them in between the posts. Because the place in between the posts is the one of the high sensitive area where users attract.
Adsense Ad Placing Do Not Disturb Method

4. Change The Ads Locations Periodically :-

Change the locations of Adsense Ads Regularly. Which will create a positive impression of your blog among the readers and it will look like a update. This will help you to increase the Adsense CTR which leads to the increase in earnings.

5. Change The Adsense Ads With Links :-

This a very nice trick that you can use to boost up the Adsense earnings. Change the location of Adsense ads with the blogs links.what you have to do is, Animate the image with a on hover effect using the CSS-3 on the homepage and put the Adsense in place of that image under the post-page. It will increase the Chances of ad clicks which indirectly leads to rise in the revenue.
Adsense Ad Placing Area
Hope you will get like this Tips and Tricks to boost up the Adsense Income with a legal ways. I have personally tried this all instructions in my blog and my CTR has rise from 0.89 to above 2. Have a happy earnings.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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