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Create System Restore Point Using Desktop Context Menu In Windows

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We all know that System Restore is one of the great utilities inside Windows, providing us to restore our system to better previous stable state in case of faults or damages. Thus, it is always recommended to use a System Restore before installing a third-party software or app because we can’t found out what changes the software is about to make. Once the software is installed and if it ruined Windows, using System Restore, we can easily gain the last good configuration and all changes made by that defective third party software / app will be nullified.

Using System Restore is a good habit and followed by smart users. If you’re providing your Windows copy to newbies such as in a classroom or offices and allow them to install third party app then you should also allow them to use System Restore as well. But newbies mayn’t access System Restore wizard easily. Moreover, they may got confused with wizard options.

An easy solution for them will be adding an option in the Desktop right click context menu to create System Restore Point. This will be beneficial for them because it can create System Restore within two clicks! Now, in this article, I’ll tell you the way to add and use the context option to create System Restore in Windows copy. Of course, the method is applicable to Windows XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

Adding Create Restore Point To Desktop Context

  • 1. Firstly, download the following zip using below link, and extract it to Desktop.
  • 2. After extraction, you’ll receive two files namely CreateRP.vbs and Restore-Point-Context.reg. Move the file CreateRP.vbs to %SystemDrive%\Windows (for example E:\Windows ; assuming Windows is installed on E: drive). If you’re prompted for UAC permissions, click Yes.
  • 3. Now right click on second file Restore-Point-Context.reg and select Merge. Click Yes for the prompts so appeared. That’s it! Now go to Desktop and right click there to see the option stated in first image of this article.

Creating System Restore Point

  • 4. After clicking on the option Create Restore Point, you’ll see following shown prompt. Provide your desired restore point name. Click OK.
  • 5. Moving on, wait for few seconds and give some room to Windows to create System Restore Point. When it is done, following message will be displayed:
  • 6. If you like to verify, go to the manual System Restore wizard, you’ll see the recommendation to restore system to the point so created using above method.

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