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Clicksor is one of the biggest ad serving network, which has a large number of blogger and websites with not original content but has a large number of impressions per day. While I was doing research on internet about the best Google ad-sense alternative, almost all the search result that appeared had mentioned clicksor in it. I have been using clicksor on my other blog for over one year now, and I must say this has been a disappointment!

Primarily, I do not believe in any network that has referral program strategy to market their site. If a site is good, automatically people will come and join their site and there will be no need for the site to roll out affiliate marketing to get more users to the site. But, initially to gain users and make the platform popular, they may use affiliate marketing. But clicksor still use affiliate strategy.

Yesup groups own clicksor and when you sign up for clicksor, automatically you will be signed up for yesup group too (I don’t know why they do that) and once you have given basic information, you can go in and create ads unit.

My experience:

I signed up for clicksor once I found chitika was not serving ads properly on my blog. At first I found clicksor very interesting as the pop under gave me high CPM. But then after like a six months, I found that the company was taking large part of the advertiser’s money and is paying publishers very small.

So then eventually to increase my money to payout, I started a viral site, where I got rapid attention within a week and more than 32K impressions in a week’s time and whole of the week I displayed clicksor ads on that site and I restricted myself from seeing clicksor balance, as I thought if I see after a week, it would be a surprise for me. But after 32k impressions, I got only less than $10 on my account.

Annoyed with this, I decided anyhow I will not be able to get payout for a while and transferred funds from my publisher account to my advertiser account so that I can use that money to display my ads on this network. But after I transferred, clickor said, when I was creating an ad campaign, $20 was minimum to put ads on the network.

And I do not think the referral thing works too. Because I have a blogger friend of mine, whom I insisted on using this network and gave my referral link. He signed up, but is not on my referral list. I don’t know what crap happened here.

I have tried to contact customer care via live chat for like 5-6 times, but none of the operator seems to reply to my chat initiated. Poor customer service!


  • Large variety of ads available 
  • High paying pop under ads 
  • Easy ads set up 
  • CPM earnings 


  • Poor customer service 
  • Low ads revenue sharing ratio between publisher and the company 
  • Not much of earnings as expected 
  • Not much of attention unless you get over 50k impressions per month 
Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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