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Advantages of URL Shortening Service

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For a blogger or a hardcore file uploader it becomes a messy job to manage the lengthy links of the blog posts and the uploaded files. To overcome these tedious scenarios the URL Shortner services provides the unique short links for every lengthy link inputted to them. There are numerous url shortner services available online but is the only url shortening service that shines among them due to its very simple and user friendly interface which makes it a best of breed url shortening service available online ever.
How to use URL shortener to convert lengthy URLs into short ones?
  • 1) Go to URL Shortener official website homepage here
  • 2) Paste the lengthy URL to be shortened in the blank field.
  • 3)  Now click on “Shorten URL” to get a random generated short URL.
  • 4) All done, now you can simply copy your shortened url and share it. also allows you to customize the shortened url so that you can get an url that you can easily remember. However it is necessary that you should use the custom url that is not taken already. To get your custom short url just check the “Customize link box” and enter your custom url in the blank field and click on “Shorten URL” and you are done. URL Shortener- Simplest & Fastest

  • It provides a simple and user friendly interface.
  • It’s a completely free url shortening service.
  • Get rid of the url shorteners that gives annoying popup ads.
  • One of the best features of this url shortening service is provision for selecting custom short URLs.
  • Their lightening fast server provides extremely fast redirection to the original url.
  • It provides plugins for some well known browsers which make this service very handy to use.
  • It allows quickly sharing links on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc. offers extensions or plugins for browsers like Chrome and Opera. You can download the url shortener chrome plugin and a similar tool for Firefox from the URL Shortener official website.

Along with all the advantages of the URL Shortener service there are again some awesome uses of this url shortening service for bloggers and Internet marketers. Affiliate commission is a largest portion of the online income of most of the bloggers and internet marketers. We can use url shortening service to effectively shorten and hide our affiliate urls while promoting the affiliate products or services that we affiliate on social networking sites like the Facebook, twitter etc.

When sharing of almost all of the url shortner’s links are banned by social networking sites like facebook and twitter to reduce affiliate spam, the is came with a new hope for bloggers and internet marketers to earn some bucks through affiliate marketing.

Note: If this tutorial worked for you (and it should work), please leave a comment below. Thanks.

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