Thursday, March 14, 2013

Secret in Diablo 3 War with Diablo III war

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With Diablo 3 War's Secret Blueprints you get:

  •  Pimping Out Your Main – We’ll walk you through the right class builds, skill builds, gear and all you need to know to playing your class. Never again hear someone tell you "Learn2play".
  •  Milking Your Artisans and Followers – You’ll learn exactly which classes benefit from which artisan and follower along with the end-game gold making potential they each offer. (It's not what you think.) Pick correctly and never waste another minute retraining them.
  •  Leveling Like a Pro – You don’t need an expensive leveling guide to be effective with your character... learn the tips and tricks the pros use to speed up leveling and reach Level 60 in record time.
  •  Make a Fortune – Gold making done right to farm gold faster than Michael Phelps. Forget all that grinding you’re doing and start making real fortunes by taking advantage of the auction house as the pros do. Learn from the best or farm like the rest.
  •  Pay FAR LESS Than What Your Competitors Are Paying For! - Forget paying the usual Auction House rates for items that you need, want, or can readily resell. Learn where to go, who to talk to, and what artisans to train to gain access to top dollar items without spending any more time or money than absolutely necessary.
  •  Inferno – The ultimate end-game prep guide for getting your characters ready for Inferno. Don’t jump in without an idea of what you’re doing. Prep your character first to annihilate any boss.
  •  Account Maintenance – You can spend 8 hours a day slaving over an account or you can use our weekly action plan to maximize your efficiency and spending only 2 hours a day maintaining the ultimate Diablo 3 account.
 "Dummy Proof"

You really went way out of your way to make this 'dummy proof'.
Between the tutorials and the tools, you're pretty much saying... "Here's what you's how to do it"
Even a newbie can't mess this one up if they tried their hardest.

-Jay Jay.

What if I told you that by this weekend you could have everything you need to make a killing in Diablo 3 :

1) Top your game with Level 60 characters with Rare and Unique Weapons

2) Know which items you should be farming, items you should be seeking, where you should be going and grabbing expensive rare items and materials
3) More than enough gold to buy to your heart's content in the AH...
Would you give us the next 6 minutes and read every word of this page?
You see, just a short while back, we were in the same boat as you. I was wandering around trying to figure out how to get just a few measly pieces of gold and Brad was staring in awe at those items that cost over 2500 gold a piece. In fact, for me I was playing many hours a day only to go back disappointed and empty handed! The two of us didn’t have any idea what we were doing and when we tried to ask the pros for some help, we got the cold shoulder.

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