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Root and Install CWM Recovery and Unlock Bootloader for the Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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Verizon variant of Galaxy Note 2 can have its bootloader unlock, root applied and install CWM Recovery using a single application. All the info you need to use can be found in this post below. Make sure to read the entire tutorial and not skip any instructions that I have listed.

Galaxy Note 2 on Verizon Wireless network has been launched a few months ago. Numerous users are still looking for easier ways to root them and unlock bootloaders so that they will manage to flash new custom ROMs and get rid of all the Samsung / Verizon bloatware functions and services.

AdamOutler, an XDA member and developer, is the one who create the CASUAL all in one tool for the VZW Galaxy Note 2  and you can use it to hack your phablet device easily. Before using this tool you should read the guidelines listed below:

Use it only for the Verizon variant of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Don’t attempt to use this tool with any other device.

Make sure that your computer has the Samsung USB Drivers installed on it. If yours doesn’t then you can choose to use the ones for Verizon SGS3 here. It doesn’t matter that these are for the Galaxy S3, it will work for Note 2.

By unlocking the bootloader you will lose all the data that is currently stored on your phablet device. Move all your files to your computer before using the CASUAL application.
  • Also, the warranty of your device will be voided by this guide and you will restore it only by re-locking the bootloader.
  • Enable USB Debugging option from the Android Developer Options.
  • Make sure that your device has enough power left in its battery so that it won’t power off before you manage to complete the root process.
  • This CASUAL rooting, bootloader unlocker and installer of CWM Recovery for Verizon Note 2 is fully automated and you can apply all changes using a single click of a mouse. However, you should still read the ‘how-to’ steps to learn how to install it and how to start the rooting process.
  • We cannot be blamed in case you brick your phone or you lose any data in the process. Make sure to read the entire tutorial and not skip any instructions.
Now that you know all of the above, I think that you can continue to the next part and learn how to successfully root and unlock the bootloader of your phone.

How to root, unlock bootloader and install CWM Recovery for the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 using the CASUAL one-click tool by AdamOutler:

  1. Connect your VZW Note 2 device to your PC using the USB data cable. The USB drivers are now installed and if you’re prompted by your phone to ‘Always allow from / on this device’ box then you should Confirm.
  2. Download AdamOutler’s CASUAL One-Click tool from HERE.
  3. Next, after the download is complete you have to double click the file and launch the CASUAL app.
  4. Now, CASUAL app will launch and you should click the ‘Do it’ button. After that press ‘Continue’ when the alert menu appears.
  5. CASUAL app will start to download the Microsoft VC Redistributable software. Complete the setup for it.
  6. The Note 2 will now restart and boot into Download / Odin Mode. If you are shown a driver selection menu on your PC, the you should select the option that says ‘Gadget Serial’.
  7. All the actions are now automatically applied by the CASUAL application and you should only keep an eye on the device until all the steps are complete.
  8. When the Root, unlock bootloader and CWM Recovery installation processes are all complete you can disconnect the Verizon Galaxy Note 2 from your computer.

When all the steps are complete you should see that your device’s bootloader has been unlocked and rooted. Now, since the CASUAL app has already installed the ClockworkMod – CWM Recovery image, then you can flash new custom ROMs and flash all the other variations of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

These were all the steps that you had to take in order to complete the tutorial. If you hit any roadblocks while trying to unlock the bootloader and root your Galaxy Note 2 Verizon, then you should ask for extra help in our comments section and we will try to offer you a viable solution for your problems.

Remember that this application will not work with any other Android smartphone or tablet. You shouldn’t attempt to root other devices with this tool as you will surely brick them and then you might not be able to restore them to stock Android firmware.

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