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Control All Of Your Wordpress Sites with Wp Pipeline

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Introducing WP Pipeline - Essential Software to Save You Time, Guarantee Your Security And Give You Back Control of Your Income!

If you use Wordpress for your blogs then you likely fall into one of two camps:

  • 1. The Ideal Blogger:

You keep all of your blogs up to date regularly. You always install the latest security patches, versions of plugins and themes.

  • 2. The Normal Blogger:

You only ever upgrade your blogs when you login to post and sometimes not even then.

I know the answer!

The task of maintaining your sites becomes such a chore that even though you know you should be taking care of it you simply just leave it until 'another day'.

The trouble is, that magical day when you find time to update your sites rarely ever arrives and so you hold yourself at the mercy of hackers and any other problems that may come up because of your neglect.

Save Time/Money

Hopefully by now you realize the importance of security and keeping your Wordpress blog up to date with the latest software and plugins.

The next step is to find a way to put this into action without spending hours doing it yourself every day or paying someone else to do it.

WP Pipeline will update all of you plugins and themes for you. It will even make sure that your Wordpress version is up to date. WP Pipeline will do this across every single blog that you and/or your clients have.

Update Wordpress Versions, Themes and Plugins

When any of your blogs need to be updated, you will be informed on your dashboard. You can then choose to just update that blog, or update any blogs that need to be updated.
  • update each blog individually
  • update all of your blogs by clicking just one button
  • update just the themes
  • update just your plugins
  • update just your Wordpress installations

The Smart Choice For Your Business

WP Pipeline really is a revolutionary software… Not only will it save you massive amounts of time but it will also give you full protection against any security exploits on your websites - PLUS protect your assets and income from taking any unwanted hits with our unique multiple site monitoring and statistics.

In short, if you use Wordpress in any shape or form then you need to be using WP Pipeline to ensure peak performance of your assets and income!

Time and time again, we have seen our clients (that are not yet using WP Pipeline!) get hit by hackers or have their sites made corrupt without a current backup. We have seen money earning sites taken down and income lost. WP Pipeline stops that. Period.

If you are not protected by WP Pipeline it could be YOUR site that is targeted and taken out of action today. It could be YOUR income that starts to be affected …and trust me, it's a painful experience.

Are you ready for it?

The only real choice to save your time and money is to install WP Pipeline now. With our 60 day money back guarantee and full professional support you are in great hands and can have your business covered in just a few minutes from now.

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